Best Time to Visit Gir

Gir National Park in Gujarat is the sole shelter of the world-famous Asiatic Lions. The Sasan Gir National Park is the best-known adventure spot among nature and wildlife lovers. Gir covers an area of 1412 sq. km and it comes under the district of Junagadh and Saurashtra. However, the park remains closed every year from 16th June till 15th October.

Travel experts believe that the best time to visit Gir is from December to March. However, if you are passionate about wildlife photography, April and May are the ideal months. Though the temperate remains high during these months, the wild creatures are seen in their full vigor.

Gir at a glance

Initially, the Gir Park was used as hunting grounds by the Nawabs residing in Junagadh. It was only later that the area got converted into a wildlife sanctuary. At present, Sasan Gir records near about 600 Asiatic Lions. Apart from that, you will find near about 300 different species of birds, 2000 types of insects, 36 types of mammals and near about 606 different species of plants. Apart from lions, there are wild boars, leopards, sloth bears, sarus cranes, marsh crocodiles, long-billed vultures, porcupine, hyenas, and spotted deer.

The weather of Gir can be divided into the following categories

  1. Summer (from March to May)
  2. Monsoon (From June to October)
  3. Winter (From November to February)
Plan as per the weather

To be honest you can visit the Gir Lion Park at any time of the year. However, if you are planning a family vacation with kids and elderly persons, the best time to visit Gir is from December to March.

Gir in Summer- Between March to May, the temperature remains between 28oC to 42oC and daytimes are extremely hot and humid. You can get burnt by the hot air that sets in with the summer and visiting Gir at this time can turn out to be a nightmare. However, if you are bound to plan a trip in summer due to unavoidable reasons, it is advised that you wake up early and cover-up all outdoor activities within 11 am. Coming out in the noon and until 5 PM is a big no-no. As the temperature becomes tolerable after 5 PM you can plan for a night camp. This will no doubt add some thrill to your family vacation.

Gir in Monsoon- As monsoon sets in; the animals in Gir find the much-needed respite from the blistering heat. However, conducting safaris amidst the rain is impossible and the animals too prefer to stay in the shelter to avoid getting drenched. The Gir Jungle Trail and the park itself remains closed from June to October. This makes it clear that monsoon is not at all the best time for lion safari.

Gir in Winter- Winter prevails in Gir from November to June. The Gir weather is neither too hot nor too cold and the retreating monsoon has prepared the jungle to welcome the pleasant winter. The animals too, love to roam in this cool weather and it’s easy to view them. Winter is, in fact, the best time to experience the Gir Devaliya Safari and witness the majestic Asiatic Lion in its natural habitat. The crocodile conservation center at Sinh Sadan is also a must-watch.


The above discussion will surely help you to plan your trip and take the final decision on which season to choose. Before starting everything try to collect reviews of Gir hotels that lie close to the National Park. Also, do not forget to cover the famous Kankai safari to unleash your religious side.